Version 3.5


We've made improvements to almost every corner of the app.

We've enhanced the way in which you use and interact with News and Events content, player statistics on Scorecards, live match functionality and the first in a series of upgrades to Favourites.

ResultsVault App — your club in your pocket!

Every ResultsVault–powered club and association.

Customise your experience by assigning aliases to your favourite clubs or associations.

Access competition information for all of your favourite clubs and associations from the dashboard.

Securely login or experience the app as our guest.

Add matches to your calendar or find your way to your next game with built–in maps.

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Matches, fixtures, ladders, news and events all in one, easy to use interface.

Choose to view a list of matches from an entire season or a single round and view in progress scores for any live match.

Drill down to view detailed match scorecards, player stats and ladders.


Add multiple clubs, grades and associations as favourites. You can even compile a list of favourites for your whole family — even your kids' clubs!

Customise Your Experience

Set a favourite club to display 'All Grades' and you can access all recent/upcoming matches for each and every grade at the club.

Manage your favourites how you want. Assign aliases, set a default favourite, duplicate an existing favourite, or de-activate unused favourites.

Every ResultsVault powered club and association — we think that's grassroots sport covered.


Tap on any match from the Matches screen to view detailed results, including player-by-player statistics.

Secure Login

Login with your email address or ResultsVault ID and the app will pre-populate itself with all your affiliated clubs and associations.

Or, Be Our Guest

You can always use the app as a guest. In this mode you still have access to all the features experienced by account holders.

ResultsVault will even remember your favourites and settings the next time you use it.

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